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Screenshot of the MyaLin app showing the data of various vital parameters

Secure patient support and remote monitoring for myasthenia gravis 


A companion app for patients with rare diseases such as myasthenia gravis. Specialists are available and can participate remotely in patients’ everyday illnesses.

App available from 02/29/24

for DMG members

App available from 02/29/24

for DMG members

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Myasthenia gravis is a rare, potentially life-threatening autoimmune disease, which can affect any age. The disease is chronic and requires treatment by specialists.

Myasthenia gravis is caused by a fluctuating muscle weakness which can even impair respiratory functions. If symptoms worsen, patients need immediate and professional help.

Lack of access to specialized care can prevent timely treatment decisions and lead to life-threatening crises and intensive care unit stays.

Our app closes a supply gap in the patient care. Vital parameters are monitored using spirometers and wearables and patients document their symptoms using standardized questionnaires (PROM).

The treating specialist can assess the course of the disease from a distance and contact the patient and, if necessary, adjust the therapy at an early stage. The long periods between appointments with specialists are no longer a black box and myasthenia crises can be prevented.

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Early detection of disease activity and preventing crises in myasthenia gravis

MyaLink connects patients and the treating specialists in real time.

App screenshot spirometer measurements
App screenshot document folder
App screenshot patient chat with the specialist
App screenshot diary

Ongoing monitoring indicates the need for action at an early stage. Therapy adjustments can be made in a timely manner and remotely. In addition, long-term monitoring provides practitioners with a more complete picture of the patient's clinical condition during routine visits to make better treatment decisions. This significantly improves the quality of life of patients.

MyaLink naturally meets the highest data protection requirements.

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Recording vital parameters using a spirometer and wearable

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Medication plan with reminders, documentation of laboratory results, emergency card, etc.

Icon communication


Chat function for individual advice and consultation with specialists

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Updates from science, events and medical topics

Foto: Eine Ärztin betrachtet auf dem MyaLink Dasboard die Vitalparameter eines Patienten


Achieving better treatment results for myasthenia gravis through telemonitoring

Current care is inadequate, poorly organized and frustrating for everyone involved. Therefore, there is little time for far-reaching treatment decisions.


With MyaLink, practitioners have constant access to important parameters to assess the patient's condition and adjust therapy remotely if necessary. This prevents avoidable crises and intensive care unit stays and leads to immense cost savings in the healthcare system.

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Our vision is that patients with rare diseases receive the best possible care. In Germany alone, 4 million patients suffer from a rare disease.

We believe that every patient – no matter how rare their illness – should have access to a specialist when they need it. Together with monitoring the progression of the disease, this significantly improves treatment and quality of life for patients with rare diseases.

MyaLink - briefly explained 

This is what myastenia patients say about our app

MyaLink was developed by a team of experts consisting of clinical and research neurologists together with a technology partner and patients

“Great product! Great doctors! Great team!"

Silvia B., study participant

“I felt so safe, you don't usually get a doctor's appointment so quickly, if there's anything wrong, I know you'll help me, I felt better cared for.

Doris P., study participant

“Now with MyaLink it was a very PRECIOUS feeling to not be alone with the illness, you had the feeling that you were connected.” 

Thomas S., study participant


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Are you a patient with myasthenia gravis or another rare disease and want to use our app?


Are you a practitioner and would like to enable your myasthenia gravis patients to use MyaLink or do you have further questions?

Would you like to find out more about MyaLink and the latest developments?

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